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Clique para acessarABSORO

Processo fsico no qual um material coleta e retem outro, com a formao de uma mistura. A absoro pode ser acompanhada de uma reao qumica (ABNT, 1973)

Clique para acessarACONDICIONADOR

Dispositivo ou equipamento destinado ao acondicionamento correto dos resduos slidos em recipientes padronizados (ABNT)

Clique para acessarACONDICIONAMENTO

Ato ou efeito de acondicionar os resduos slidos, para o seu transporte (FEEMA)

Clique para acessarAcids

A class of compounds having a low pH, and corrosive in nature. Items such as vinegar and lemon juice are acidic. By contrast, drinking water is near neutral and has a medium pH; and laundry detergent is basic and has a low pH.Source: Department of Toxic S

Clique para acessarACTION LEVEL

A guideline established by the environmental protection agencies that identifies the concentration of a substance in a particular media (water, soil, etc.) that may present a health risk when exceeded. The action level is also referred to as applied actio

Clique para acessarACTION PLAN

Means a document describing an organized, planned, technically coordinated and financially feasible course of action to be followed in identifying nonconforming landfills and to upgrade the landfill(s) to meet these criteria or to justify exemptions. Sour

Clique para acessarACTIVATED SLUDGE

Sludge that results when primary effluent is mixed with bacteria-laden sludge and then agitated and aerated to promote biological treatment. This speeds breakdown of organic matter in raw sewage undergoing secondary waste treatment. Source: World Bank

Clique para acessarACTIVE LIFE

Means the period of operation beginning with the initial receipt of municipal solid waste and ending at completion of closure activities. Source : British Columbia Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks, Canada - Landfill Criteria For Municipal Solid Wa

Clique para acessarACTIVITY

The number of particles or photons that are ejected from a radioactive substance per unit of time.Source: Department of Toxic Substance Control - Califrnia - USA

Clique para acessarACUTE TOXICITY

The ability of a substance to cause poisonous effects resulting in severe biological harm or death soon after a single exposure or dose. Also, any severe poisonous effect resulting from a single short-term exposure to a toxic substance. Source: World Bank