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Tecnologia: PyroGenesis
Aplicação: Plasma-gas furnaces to incinerate trash
Descrição: Montreal-based PyroGenesis has refined a process, called plasma arc gasification, in which solid waste is shredded and fed into a furnace where extreme electrical charges bring the temperature above 3,000 degrees.
The basic technology is not new; torches were used by NASA scientists in the 1960s to test heat shields on Apollo command modules. PyroGenesis was one of the first companies to try to scale the method for widespread industrial use
Ano de Desenvolvimento: 2006
Plantas Operando: The payoff: With clean-tech investment booming, big clients started knocking. Carnival, the $11 billion cruise ship operator, uses a PyroGenesis system to reduce 5 tons per day of cabin waste and food on one of its vessels into a few pounds of harmless sand. The U.S. Navy, meanwhile, has hired PyroGenesis to develop plasma waste systems for new aircraft carriers due out in 2015.