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Tecnologia: EVAPORADOR DE CHORUME [Leachate Evaporator System (E-Vap)]
Aplicação: LFG Specialties' patented leachate evaporation system (E-Vap) beneficially uses landfill gas energy to evaporate leachate. The innovative E-Vap provides integrated, long-term control of these regulated landfill by-products in one reliable and proven process. This solution offers real cost savings for liquid disposal. In addition, the E-Vap mitigates liability associated with off-site leachate transfer.

Descrição: E-Vap's Major Advantages

 Single source accountability

 Proven technology/guaranteed emissions

 97%+ volume reduction for typical leachate

 Field operating experience in all weather conditions

 Proven cost savings

Single Source Accountability

LFG Specialties provides full turnkey services for the E-Vap system, including permitting assistance, developing site-specific design and layout, fabrication and supply of all equipment, installation, startup, commissioning, and comprehensive training. LFG Specialties is the only manufacturer that fabricates both the evaporation unit and flare system. Flare and evaporator design are integrated to provide flexibility and efficiency needed to assure long-term, trouble-free operation.

Proven Technology/Guaranteed Emissions

The E-Vap uses proven submerged tube evaporation technology. LFG Specialties has installed the greatest number of successful leachate evaporator facilities in the industry. We have more than 250,000 hours of operating experience perfecting the equipment and evaporation process. LFG Specialties offers a wide range of E-Vap layout and control options to meet local site conditions. The E-Vap includes controls for full operational safety, including continuous monitoring of the burner system and leachate and landfill gas flows.

The E-Vap process reduces the volume of typical leachate by about 97% or more. Trace metals and salts are concentrated in the residual that is continuously removed from the bottom of the E-Vap. This non-hazardous residue can be recirculated or solidified for landfill disposal.

Ano de Desenvolvimento: 2002
Plantas Operando: LFG Specialties, LLC

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